Protecting Your Business Leaders

Protection for Your Team’s Key Members

Officers and directors of any business are most vulnerable to litigation risk. Claims may be brought against a director or officer by employees, competitors, vendors, customers, and other parties. Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O) protects key team members' personal assets and their spouses if they are personally sued for actual or alleged wrongful acts in management. D&O Insurance is useful to businesses and non-profits and other organizations—for example, directors of condominium associations or HOA’s.

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Basic Coverages

The amount of protection from Directors and Officers Insurance is generally written in $1 million increments. The cost of premium depends on several factors, including company revenue, type of business, and claim history.

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Additional Coverages

Directors and Officers Insurance is often bundled with Employment Practices Liability (ELP) or purchased separately. Usually, D&O Insurance is set to cover a group of individuals rather than just one person.

Examples of How D&O Insurance Claims May Protect You

  • Fraud
  • Misuse of funds
  • Theft of intellectual property
  • Misrepresentation of assets
  • Failure to comply with workplace regulations
  • Lack of corporate governance
  • Violation of fiduciary duty resulting in losses or bankruptcy
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Work With A Team of Business Insurance Specialists

AIS’s Business Insurance department is made of a group of experts—true specialists that listen to your needs and have a deep understanding of your potential areas of liability. Each specialist is friendly and will go above and beyond to help you meet your Business Insurance needs.

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Additional Insurance Coverages to Bundle

It would be great if you could save money on insuring your business and all of its assets under one roof. AIS is the insurance house that finds affordable coverage for a wide variety of businesses. We compare the best rates from multiple trusted carriers partners, so you know you’re getting the best protection for the best price.