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We understand that people love their recreational vehicles, and that’s why AIS RV has offered RV insurance for more than twenty years. AIS RV shops multiple high quality RV insurance companies to find you the best combination of price and coverage for your recreational vehicles.

A common trait of RV owners, especially new owners, is to simply add their recreational vehicle directly under their current auto policy instead of purchasing a specialty RV policy.  Insuring your RV with an auto policy may leave you exposed to an unpleasant surprise if you need to file a claim.  In most cases, a specialty RV policy costs less than an auto policy, even though it provides more comprehensive coverage.  Give your RV the special protection it deserves; only available through a specialty RV carrier.

Why should you get an RV specialty insurance quote rather than going through one of the top auto or home insurance agencies, or the company you have had your insurance with for years?  You may feel a certain sense of loyalty to an auto insurance company if you have done business with them for many years. But, getting an RV insurance quote will just give you an idea of what is out there. Once you speak to an AIS RV specialist, you may be surprised at the value and additional coverages you are missing out on if you add your RV onto your standard auto policy.

As an RV owner, insurance for your RV is a necessity. You need it whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced full-timer.  Having insurance for RV will reassure your safety while driving, as well as complement your financial needs.  The coverage you receive will not only protect you while you are driving the open road, but also when you are parked at your campsite enjoying your vacation.  Specialty RV insurance will cover items and mishaps that are specific to motorhomes, rather than regular cars.  All RV's, such as Class A, B, C, fifth wheels, and travel trailers, will be uniquely covered in insurance for RV policies. 

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Specialty Coverages

There are staggering differences between the RV insurance coverage available from a specialty RV insurance agent and an auto insurance agent. 

  • Purchase Price Coverage-receive full reimbursement and protects against depreciation

  • Personal Contents Coverage-protects your valuables inside your vehicle

  • Full-Timer's Coverage-if your RV is a permanent residence

  • Campsite Liability-protects you if injuries occur at your campsite

  • Emergency Expenses-lodging costs covered if your RV is unusable due to a covered loss

  • Golf Cart Coverage-covers your golf cart while at campgrounds


Don't risk big out-of-pocket expenses that can result from under-insuring your RV with your auto agent!

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