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How long do tickets stay on my record?

All minor traffic convictions and accidents remain on your driving record for three years. In some states, alcohol related major violations remain on your driving record for up to ten years. Points for traffic convictions and chargeable accidents are added and removed at the renewal of your policy. There is no change to the policy during your policy period to add or delete points.

What should I do if I have an accident?

First and foremost, make sure that you are ok and your passengers and others are uninjured. If there are injuries call 911 immediately. Second, in most states it’s standard procedure to notify the police after an accident has occurred.  Third, you should make sure to exchange information with the other driver(s). Provide your name, address, and telephone number. Go ahead and let them know the name and phone number of your insurance company and get the same information from them. Finally, contact your insurance company at your first opportunity. Contact information may be found on your insurance identification card. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us.

So how is AIS able to have great rates for all types of drivers?

When you contact us for a quote, we will shop dozens of insurance companies to find coverage that best fits your needs at the best possible price.  Some of our insurance companies specialize in good drivers, while others write mostly high-risk drivers.  No matter what kind of driver you are, AIS can find the best possible auto insurance company for you at a very competitive price.

Here’s a question- what is uninsured motorist coverage?

Liability coverage is advisable and often required, but there are still those who do not buy insurance.  Unfortunately, if an uninsured motorist causes an accident you may not be able to recover any damages that you sustain.  But, if you purchase uninsured motorist coverage, this won’t be a concern as your auto insurance company will pay for the property damage and bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist.  It will cover you, any family member, and anyone occupying a covered automobile. The limits for this coverage are usually the same limits that you selected for liability, although you can choose lower limits. There are also times when a person who causes an accident has liability insurance but your damages exceed the limits of that person's coverage. In some states underinsured motorist coverage is included in your uninsured motorist coverage. In other states, you can purchase underinsured motorist insurance, which covers your excess losses up to the limit set forth in the policy.

And how much liability coverage do I actually need?

Well, most state laws do require that you carry a minimum amount of liability insurance to pay for the injuries or damages that you may cause to someone else.  Some people only need the minimum level of protection while others have assets that they need to protect.  Confused?  Don’t be.  If you are unsure about how much liability insurance you need, just contact an AIS insurance specialist who can walk you through the process and help you select the right amount of protection for you and your family.

How long after I sign up will I receive my insurance policy and first bill?

Typically, you will receive your policy within 4 to 6 weeks. The due date of your first installment will vary depending on the pay plan you have chosen. For Bristol, your first payment may be due within 14 days. The first installment for the Mercury "3 pay" plan is due within 43 days. For most "monthly pay" plans, the due date is 30 days after inception. When you start receiving material from us in the mail, make sure to review all mailings carefully. Your first installment bill may be included with your copy of your policy, or it may be mailed separately.  Be sure to ask your sales representative or customer service representative for details of your specific pay plan.

I have a question about a payment or bill. Who do I contact?

Many of the AIS insurance partners give you the ability to make quick and easy premium payments online. AIS does not accept payments- they must be made directly to your insurance company.

If you have any questions, please email us or call (888) 772-4247 to speak with a customer service representative, Monday through Friday 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM PST.

How do I contact your customer service department?

Visit our Customer Service Department online or if you’d prefer to chat with one of us, dial (888) 772-4247 and follow the prompts of our automated customer service menu.  Our specialists are licensed professionals who can tackle a variety of issues.  To make the process as quick and easy as possible, have your policy number on hand when you call.  Please note: We experience heavy call volume on Mondays, Tuesdays and on the day following a holiday. If your request is not time sensitive, you may wish to call us Wednesday through Friday for fastest service.

Does AIS offer Mexico Vehicle Insurance?

Yes, we do offer Mexico Vehicle Insurance.  Be aware that Mexico Vehicle Insurance is a necessary coverage for driving in Mexico as the Mexican government does not recognize U.S. insurance policies.

What if I’m involved in an accident that isn’t my fault? Should I still report the claim to my insurance company?

Absolutely.  Even if the accident is in no way your fault. Reporting the accident will assure that your claim is handled quickly and will help to avoid potential future problems should you be held liable for the claim.  Please visit Carrier Claim Contacts to find out how to contact your carrier.

Do I have a grace period on my renewal?

No, renewals are due on the date specified.  However, some companies offer a period of time when the policy can be renewed with a lapse in coverage without having to rewrite the policy.

I bought a new vehicle and the dealer advised me that I had 30 days to add it to my auto insurance policy, is this correct?

No.  You should make sure to request the addition of your new vehicle as soon as possible. Each policy has different requirements for adding a vehicle and depending on what coverages you request, a shorter period of time is given.  Also, by adding a new vehicle as soon as possible, you can avoid a delay to your claim settlement in case of an early loss.

My neighbor is paying a lower insurance premium than I am. Why?

Not everyone has the same insurance policy.  You may have higher limits or more coverage than your neighbor does.  Also, factors like driving record and experience, usage, and discounts can all affect the cost of your auto insurance.

My sister is planning a visit from out of town, will she be covered by my insurance policy if she drives my car?

Some companies do extend coverage to permissive drivers, however, certain restrictions may apply. If permissive use is allowed by your insurance company, it allows limited coverage to your sister or any individual who is not listed as an excluded driver on the policy and had the express or implied permission of the name insured.  The individual can use the vehicle that is covered on the policy without being charged a premium.  If you have any questions or want more information feel free to email us.

How soon will my requested changes be made?

You get to choose your own effective date later on in this process.  We will send you a confirmation when changes have been made to your policy.  Your change will not be effective earlier than the date and time your request it.

How does AIS keep my information secure?

To learn the ins and outs of the AIS privacy policy, have a look at our policy here. Privacy Policy We do not sell any of your information or share it with third parties, except as needed to service your account. You can rest assured that AIS uses every precaution to keep your personal information 100% secure.

How long does it take to hear from AIS after I submit an online service request?

Typically, you’ll hear from us the next business day (Monday-Friday) after we’ve received your online service request.

If I want to add a driver, what information do I need?

You will need the drivers license number, date of birth and employment/school information.

What information do I need to add a vehicle?

You will need the year, make, model and vehicle identification number.  You will also need the purchase price and current odometer reading.

Do my coverage limits need to be the same on each vehicle?

Your liability limits must be the same for all vehicles on the policy. Physical damage coverage can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

I would like to lower my deductibles. How do I do that?

You can submit your request to lower your deductibles under "Change vehicle coverage". Please note some insurance companies may require photos of your vehicle to complete this request.  AIS will contact you with details if required.

Does my finance/leasing company get notified that my vehicle is insured?

Yes, your finance/leasing company is automatically notified. You can view the information on file under "View Policy". If the information on file needs to be updated, please go to "Update Policy" and select "Update Vehicle Information." Be sure to provide the correct insurance verification address for your finance company, not the billing address of the finance company.

Is there a discount for full-time students?

If you are an unmarried full-time student with a 3.0 (B average) or better, you may eligible for a discount.  Please feel free to contact us to find out about that, and other discounts we offer.

Do I need to obtain insurance for a Sea-Doo or a Jet Ski?

Yes. You should obtain the proper coverage for liability and you may want to add physical damage coverage as well.

My Homeowners Association has a Master Policy. Do I still need a Condominium policy?

The master association policy often times does not include coverage for your personal property in the home, your personal liability, or interior structural items such as carpeting, cabinets, etc.

Can I add my property manager/landlord to a renters policy as an Additional Insured?

Some of our insurance companies will allow this option.  

Does a homeowners policy cover my jewelry?

Jewelry is usually covered on a homeowners policy, but is subject to the insurance company's underlying limit, a sublimit that is typically lower than the limit of coverage for all of your property. If additional coverage is needed beyond this amount, most carriers will allow you to schedule the item for an additional premium, based on the appraisal value.

What is mechanical breakdown coverage?

Mechanical breakdown coverage, depending on the level of coverage, can protect virtually all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle.  Coverage is available for both new and pre-owned vehicles.  The best part for you is if you sell your vehicle the coverage is transferable and adds resale value.

Will AIS call me before my change is made?

Depending on the change request, we may need to reach out to you directly. Your insurance company will send you written confirmation once the change is made.

How do I email documents to AIS?

You can email documents to us at service@aisinsurance.com

Do I have to pay now for changes made?

Once you receive a confirmation from us, the insurance company will bill or refund you directly if your changes result in a different premium.

Can I make additional changes once I have submitted an online change?

To make things as straightforward as possible for you, once you submit your request you can go back to “View My Policies” to complete another request. You can also view all your recently submitted requests.

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