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Uber© , Lyft© and other ridesharing companies have made it fun and easy for anyone to earn an income by getting paid to drive people around. Unfortunately, it wasn’t made clear that drivers of the companies were not always protected when they are on the road. In the event of an accident in the uncovered period, it’s likely that your own personal auto insurance won’t be covering you either. That means medical and property liability will be covered out-of-pocket. Your pocket.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! AIS can offer you insurance coverage specially designed to complement the insurance that Uber©, Lyft© and other ridesharing companies do offer. This coverage can cost you as little as 20 cents per day, depending on the type and amount of coverage you opt for. Protect your livelihood and family with ridesharing insurance that’s right for you.

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Ridesharing companies only covers their drivers, under their commercial insurance policy, when a fare has been accepted and when a customer is being transported. Your personal auto insurance policy only covers you when your ride-share app is turned off. That leaves you exposed to paying for accidents out of your own pocket for the period where you are waiting to accept a far.

With the specially designed rideshare insurance policy, you will be protected when your app is turned off and during the period in which you are waiting to accept a fare.

About Rideshare Insurance Coverage

So, now you have to ask yourself… should I risk it or should I be safe?

With the possibility of getting into an accident in Period 1, you may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket if you don’t have the proper coverage in place. Just one single accident can ruin your financial future.

Our Ridesharing coverage will give you the proper protection in Period 1 when the TNC Coverage isn’t in effect. The coverage we offer will pay for costs associated with medical and property liability to other drivers, as well as costs to repair your own vehicle.

Don’t drive another day without the right coverage in place. Talk to our agents for a quick quote, you’ll be happy that you made this call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TNC coverage from ridesharing companies are limited and don’t fully cover you during your work hours. Most companies’ Transportation Network Companies (TNC) coverage doesn’t become effective until a ride has been accepted on your app. That leaves you exposed to being uninsured or underinsured during Period 1, which is when you are waiting to accept a fare. In addition, the limited coverage does not cover repairs to your own car if you get into an accident during this period.

Your Personal Auto Insurance is effective only when your ride-sharing app is turned off. When you app is turned on, your time becomes classified as business hours and the personal auto insurance becomes inapplicable. Most auto insurance carriers exclude Period 1 from coverage, so you are left uninsured in that time. Personal auto insurance is not the proper coverage if you drive for ridesharing companies.

This coverage is an extension to a driver’s personal auto insurance policy. The coverage extends through Period 1 when you are waiting to accept a ride. When you have the ridesharing insurance coupled with the companies’ TNC coverage, you will have complete protection throughout the entire ridesharing drive cycle.

Depending on the amount and type of coverage that you choose, the cost can be as little as $.20 cents per day.

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