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Bus Conversion Insurance Essentials

The world of insurance can be difficult when the investment you wish to insure is something as tough to define as a bus conversion. That’s why Auto Insurance Specialists works with specialty RV insurance companies that are very familiar with the unique needs of bus conversion owner.

With the current market experiencing losses, insurance companies are tending to retreat to lines of coverage that are the most profitable and predictable for them. This might mean you’ll see certain carriers choosing not to cover RVs or bus conversions anymore.  There are also incidences of having a small claim that results in a premium increase or even a loss of coverage. With all these changes in the insurance industry, it’s a great time to think about your coverage.

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Bus Conversion Types

There are 3 different types of bus conversions:

Since many of you buy buses you plan to convert yourself, building value in the vehicle as the months go by, you may need to insure it for physical damage before it's converted. You'll want to have liability insurance (to pay for the other party's injuries if you're at fault in an accident) when transporting the bus from the dealership or place of purchase to your home or workshop. Many times, too, you will need to drive the bus to the upholstery shop or to a mechanic during the conversion process.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not offer temporary policies for RVs. You will need to purchase an insurance policy that lasts at least six months. You can get a liability-only policy, and the cost is generally minimal. If you opt for full coverage, a policy for a bus shell will generally have fewer features than a regular, fully-converted-bus policy. You will have less personal contents coverage and lower physical damage coverage because people usually don't carry as much stuff with them when they're in the middle of a conversion. For even a basic policy, most insurance companies requires the seats be removed and stipulate a period of time in which the conversion must be complete-typically a year-in order to continue providing coverage.

Buses come under additional scrutiny because so many conversions are done on older vehicles. If your bus is older than 20 years, you may be asked to have a mechanic inspect it. This confirms that the bus's systems are up-to-date and working safely.

With underwriting guidelines being tightened to keep losses in check, insurance companies are avoiding certain types of risk. One of the most well-known risks that most specialty RV insurance providers avoid is the school bus conversion. Very few insurance companies will insure this type of vehicle. The main reason cited for this is the axle of a school bus is generally a narrower axle than that of a regular bus. Thus, when the additional weight of the conversion is added, it can result in a top-heavy vehicle, which is more susceptible to rollover accidents. Historically, more serious accidents have occurred to school bus conversions as compared to regular bus conversions-enough that many companies are no longer willing to accept this risk.

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