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Boat Insurance 101

Yacht Boat Insurance Coverage

Owning a boat is a dream for many and always a significant investment worth protecting. Since every boat is on a different course, each boat is exposed to different risks.

Boat insurance can cover any type of boat whether you have a jet boat, sailboat, a fishing boat or even a house boat.  Getting the specific coverage for your vessel is important and we can help.

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Total Loss Replacement:
This coverage replaces total losses with the latest model (new-for-old) or, if not available, a comparable model.

Uninsured Boaters Coverage:
Uninsured boat bodily injury coverage pays for medical treatment, wage loss, and other damages sustained as a result of a boat accident where the liable boater does not have liability coverage.

Actual Cash Value:
The actual cash value is determined by the market value, 
age and condition of the boat at the time of the loss.

Disappearing Deductibles:
Disappearing deductibles provides a reduction of 25% in 
comprehensive and collision deductibles for each claim-free 
renewal period.

On-Water Towing and Labor:
This coverage pays for towing and labor costs on a 
reimbursement basis.

Agreed Value Coverage:
In the event of a total loss, our expanded agreed value 
guarantee pays you the amount originally spent for the boat 
or the appraised value, with no deduction for depreciation 
and no deductible.

About AIS

At AIS RV, we seek out the policy that best matches your price and protection needs. We have access to multiple high quality insurance companies, which makes it easy to compare boat insurance quotes to find the best combination of price and coverage for you. We can save you time and money-- all while teaching you everything you need to know about your coverage.


Question: How far off shore can I take my vessel?

Most navigation guidelines will be stated in your declaration page or in the policy itself. Since every company has different guidelines, it is important to read your policy and understand its limits on coastal and international waters, nautical miles versus regular miles, etc. Feel free to contact National Boat Owners Association if you need further explanation of any policy guidelines 

Is watersport liability automatically included on my watercraft/boat policy?

Answer: No. Some companies require you add this as a separate coverage while others automatically include it on their policy.


5 Tips for Getting Your Boat Insured

Lounging on your boat on a clear blue lake can be a very relaxing experience.

Unfortunately, getting boat insurance can be just the opposite. Often, it can be like navigating through very choppy and murky waters.

Here Are Five Tips to Help Clear Up the Waters...

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