Secondary Home Insurance

A priority for your vacation home.

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Understanding Vacation Home Insurance

You may not spend all your time in your second home, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t at risk or vulnerable to disaster. Figuring out which coverage is needed to protect your investment is important. Insuring your second home or vacation home is different from insuring your primary residence and coverages that apply to your primary home may not be necessary to cover your secondary home.  

Helpful Tips

The How-to’s of insuring your secondary home:

  • A Centralized Alarm System that detects both fire and burglaries may give you discounts and peace of mind if you are not present
  • Consider adding Secondary Residence Premises Endorsement to your primary home policy to extend liability coverage to your secondary home (If coverage is offered)
  • Your secondary home policy may qualify for a multi-policy discount with your insurance carrier
  • Consider securing an umbrella policy to have extra liability protection from unexpected events

How can AIS help?

At AIS, we seek out the policy that best matches your price and protection needs. We have access to multiple high quality insurance carriers, which makes it easy to compare Vacation Home Insurance quotes to find the best combination of price and coverage. We can save you time and money-- all while getting to know your unique situation (and teaching you everything you need to know about your coverage.)


Question: What type of insurance does a landlord need? 

Answer: The landlord needs a type of insurance known as Dwelling Fire Insurance, which mainly covers the structure, liability, and loss of rent.


Protecting Your Home from Burglary While on Vacation
According to the Insurance Information Institute, one quarter of all home burglaries take place during the winter months when many of us are traveling for winter vacations.

So before you have all of the joy drained out of your trip, here are a few tips…

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