Flood Insurance

It's an important coverage often not included in homeowner policies.

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Flood Insurance Basics

As a homeowner, it is important to protect your home and assets from any damage caused by flooding. Unfortunately, most homeowner policies do not cover damage caused by a flood. Many of us live in areas where a flood can occur anytime and are not even aware of it. Did you know even an inch of water can cause costly damage to your property?

AIS can help you with purchasing flood insurance that can provide you with the extra protection you need. By making the decision to purchase flood insurance, you are making a decision to cover yourself in case flood damage should occur.

Floods can occur from many incidents:

  • Melting snow and ice
  • Storms
  • Hurricanes
  • Overflow of inland or tidal waters

Needed repairs can add up quickly, raising your out of pocket expenses to amounts higher than you might be able to handle. Our insurance specialists at AIS can help you find the coverage that protects you against these disasters, at a premium you can afford.

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Why Should You Get Flood Insurance?
When it comes to flood insurance, a lot of people often make two inaccurate assumptions. The first is that flood damage is automatically covered under regular homeowners insurance. While homeowners insurance covers many types of damages in your home, flood damage is usually excluded. The second assumption is that...

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Why You Need Flood Insurance
Flooding can happen anywhere and at any time. Many people assume that their homes will be safe if they do not live near a large body of water, but that is simply not true. Homes on the east and west coast, such as prime coastal Californian real estate often attract eager buyers for the views, but a new buyer’s mind rarely weighs the possibility of elemental threats such as wind, fire, or water damage. Again, even if there is no apparent threat of flood, record breaking rains and a blocked drainage system can spell disaster in any neighborhood. Large thunderstorms, hurricanes, even melting snow can also build up enough water to cause a flood. These events can have catastrophic consequences to your home and your belongings. If you think that your home is covered for flood under your homeowner’s policy, please check your policy. Flood damage is not covered by the typical homeowner’s insurance policy….

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