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They say you shouldn’t bring work home. Well, that’s especially true in terms of the potential legal risks you may be subject to because of the position you hold at work. Directors and Officers Insurance is a protection that helps keep your work life and personal life on opposite corners.

What Is Directors and Officers Insurance?

Directors and Officers Insurance, also known as D&O Insurance, is a protection for officers and directors that shields personal assets from lawsuits related to their position in a business or organization.

The Basics of Directors and Officers Insurance

You may think that D&O Insurance is only for large, publicly-traded companies. The truth is that officers and directors of any size of business—public or private, and even non-profit organizations—may be vulnerable to litigation risk. Claims may be brought against a director or officer by employees, competitors, vendors, customers, and other parties. Usually, the claimant alleges loss, abuse, compliance issues and much more. Without D&O Insurance, the accused’s personal assets could be a target. Besides personal assets, this type of coverage may also help cover the company’s litigation costs and settlements.

Directors and Officers Insurance can be bundled with other forms of business insurance, such as Employment Practices Liability (ELP) or purchased separately. Usually, D&O Insurance is set to cover a group of individuals rather than just one person. The amount of protection available typically follows in $1 million increments and the cost of premium depends on a number of factors, including company revenue, type of business and claim history.

How AIS Business Specialists Support You

AIS Business Specialists have a deep understanding of Business Insurance. We search top-rated insurance companies and present you with the best options in terms of coverage and savings. Furthermore, there are no broker or service fees. We're truly on your side, so you and your team can focus on growing your business.

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Directors and Officers Insurance is not only a huge protection for your company but also for those running it. Have peace of mind by knowing the personal assets of you and your executive team are protected. AIS Business Specialists are ready to assist you with D&O Insurance. Call us today at (866) 570-7335.

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