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Commercial Umbrella Insurance is your secret weapon against large claims. It goes above and beyond your standard insurance coverages and may prove to be indispensable to your business.

What Is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is typically written on top of your standard policies such as General Liability and Business Auto. This type of insurance covers the amount of loss that exceeds the limit on the underlying policy but only up to the limits of the umbrella policy.

The Basics of Commercial Umbrella Insurance

A Commercial Umbrella policy is a great way to protect your business financially from damages that exceed your basic coverage. It is important to know that Commercial Umbrella Insurance is not an absolute coverage. It will serve as a supplemental protection only on the policies written under it. For example, you have a Business Auto policy and are involved in an accident that make you liable for $750,000 but your policy only covers up to $700,000 in damages. If your Business Auto policy is included under your Commercial Umbrella Insurance, the remaining $50,000 will be covered, if it is within your written limits. An AIS Business Specialist will be able to answer any further questions you may have about coverage. Keep the following in mind: such as:

  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance cannot be purchased as a stand-alone policy.
  • You need to have certain limits on your current policies before placing an umbrella coverage over them.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance is a supplement—it covers remaining balances only, after underlying limits have been exhausted.

How AIS Business Specialists Support You

Our Specialists have a keen eye for helping you identify areas where your business may be exposed to loss and will help you get covered with the proper Commercial Umbrella Insurance. AIS Specialists search top-rated insurance companies and present you with the best options in terms of coverage and savings. Furthermore, there are no broker or service fees. We're truly on your side.

Let's Get You Covered

Commercial Umbrella Insurance can be the very thing that saves you from breaking the bank after your business has suffered a loss. AIS Business Specialists are ready to assist you. Call us today at (866) 570-7335.

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